UX Strategies To Boost SEO

Focusing on UX design is essential to living up to the users’ expectations and driving favorable results. Many experts overlook the importance of UX in terms of web design, although it plays a huge role in encompassing end-user interaction with a company. A good UX design responsibly improves organic search marketing performance, by-and-by helping websites rank well on the Google search engine.

Even Google thinks about user experience and advocates us to strategize everything, from the homepage to business listing to strengthen authority. The right UX design works wonders when aligned strategically with Google protocols.

How can User Experience impact SEO?

We all know that Google tends to rank sites relevant to user searches and delight users judiciously. Your website’s credibility increases when people tend to share your site with their friends and families. They are sharing the enjoyable experiences they had with your site. Sharing or referring creates a positive user experience that results in improved marketing performance. The increased views, popularity, and improved conversion rates eventually result in a higher Google ranking.

Let’s follow the practices to improve your search engine image.

Search Engine is from where the customer will first interact with your product or services, from where all the business begins. It is important to drive a specific user experience with amazing web layout, content, CTAs, and much more. When you devote all your energy and enthusiasm to designing the right UX, wonderful things happen.

To create an impressive search engine listing, you need to prioritize user intent, needs, and pain points. Let’s discuss what we need to do:-

1.    Show Them Their Piece of Information Immediately

What can be more attractive than offering searchers exactly what they have been looking for right off the bat? After all, we all want to get served right in front of our plates. The same goes for digital information. Nobody wants to scroll forever to find what they need. You need to speed things up for a better user experience and improved SEO. Working upon site load time and page speed can hugely help in mitigating bounce rate.

You can improve your website loading speed by following these practices:

  • Compress large files (images) or eliminate unnecessary images from the page
  • Use an efficient server and an excellent hosting plan
  • Ensure web content you provide is relevant and is not redundant
  • Test your website for efficiency

2.     Check bounce Rate

People abandon websites for many reasons, but the most common reason they leave your site is due to low page speed. The other reasons include keyword rank does not match their search and experience error when they land on your site. You can check bounce rates by creating multiple landing pages for organic traffic and landing them on the page related to their search.

Focus on:

  • Content Organization
  • Use of Whitespace
  • Large Fonts
  • Bullet Lists
  • Good Color Contrast

3.     Improve Site Navigation

Websites usually fail to make their site navigational, which leads to negative UX and SEO. You can focus on the following guidelines to improve your UX and SEO:

  • Avoid using complex, multi-level, and confusing menu items.
  • Must include a navigation menu on all web pages.
  • Make sure your website is mobile-friendly.
  • Focus on user intent and lead them accordingly

To create a piece of content that escorts users to read more, devote your time to crafting eye-appealing headlines and Meta descriptions.

Keep Your CTAs:

  • Easy to understand
  • Informative
  • Optimized
  • Lead Capturing

4.     Create Search Friendly URLs

If your URL effectively narrates what your business is about, you are good to go. It also counts under higher page authority, as a search-friendly URL will increase the chances of a customer clicking through to that page.

5.     Increase authority with Google My Business

Adding Google My Business (GMB, a free tool by Google) improves User Experience in the search results. This tool allows you to manage how information appears in the search results, such as your location on Google Map, Reviews, Menu, and Business Photos. Also, it is the shortest and quickest method to reach your customers.

6.     Informative Meta Descriptions

Make your visitors fall for the information provided by you and eager to read more about the product or service offered by you. Also, do not provide false information while marketing, as this would fall under Black hat SEO techniques, and Google might severely penalize you for your wrongdoings. On the search engine result page, you can offer a piece of great information in your Meta description and make the right first impression.

Your Meta Description must be:

  • Less than or equal to 160 characters.
  • Must include a CTA.
  • Focus on a valuable piece of information.

7.     Content Creation for User Experience

UX has a huge impact on how your web content is structured because it has to be focused on creating content for both SEO and users. Ultimately, all we want is business, which can only be achieved by struggling and trying to comply with Google’s Algorithms. Also, the higher the rank is, the more the engagements will be.

8.     Web Page Experience

Over time, Google has introduced many measures that help us improve visitors’ user experience. One such rank-boosting metric is Core Web Vitals (CVW), which enables us to optimize our web page for a faster and enjoyable user experience. Enterprise Web Cloud builds a website with a fast user experience that leads to more engagements, page views, and conversions.

How to ensure your site’s UX is doing better?

The first thing to do is read your website all the way through and find if it begins to sound boring. If yes, then there lies the answer to the question raised, work coherently and thrive towards making your site’s user experience more appealing.


The UX strategies mentioned above not only help in improving SEO rankings but also help in building a good reputation with your audience.

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