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Rooftops are a significant piece of the home with regards to design, usefulness, and looks. However, how might you update and take it to a higher level? After consulting from the experts of Novel Concretes, we’ve set up a rundown of seven staggering and motivating rooftop plans that will generally change your property. Would you be able to envision any of these precast roofs in Lahore as a piece of your home?

Rooftop Designs That Will Strengthen Your Home

Skillion and Lean-To

Shelter rooftop types leave homes with a striking and intense look that simply overflows class with precise lines that bring out the current plan, skillion. The point rooftops make a brilliant way for roof lights to permit normal sunshine to saturate living spaces is remarkable.

Insightful ways that unite the inside. The high pitch of these plans likewise permits water to run off effectively. Diminish the worries of water harm during wetter seasons, with a great plan, stylish and useful that facilitates harm concerns. It is a superb decision for any home.

Butterfly Roof

Another striking look that is tastefully satisfying is its effortlessness and structure. Called a butterfly because of the angular shape that makes it resemble a butterfly’s wings. The butterfly rooftop upsets two-level rooftops to make a staggering look that takes your indoor space higher than ever when joined with roof lights.

The modified point of the two rooftops meeting sets out exceptional open doors for roof lights to channel through steady light that can make a superbly satisfying home space that is ideally suited for loved ones to get together and gather.


Shortsighted in its plan, however effortless in its execution. A reasonable choice, level rooftops that are worked to permit daylight in through roof lights. Thus are raised to be more present-day and tasteful than their non-rooflight partners.

Hip and Valley

Perhaps the most well-known and famous design, hip and valley rooftops, are frequently utilized on homes essentially because they look awesome. Its varying points and shapes permit it to be outwardly effective, and a major piece of homes generally looks.

It is additionally one more rooftop plan that can be planned with roof lights without hurting the plan. It won’t simply work on your home’s appearance yet and how it works every day with further developed lighting and ventilation.


Another good plan that highlights two rooftop areas that slant in inverse ways, meeting at the top to make an eye-getting shape. An incredible decision for some mortgage holders, the peak rooftop property additionally gives a more monetary agreeable decision.

Because of its straightforward development, it is one of the least expensive to work for your home. Passing on you with more cash to spend somewhere else.


You could join the above styles or, indeed, others like pitch, gambrel, or the Dutch peak, which includes a little peek at the place of a hipped rooftop, a blend of these can be assembled to make genuinely one of a kind rooftops. Allow your creative mind to go crazy. What rooftop configuration meets your home and your requirements?

Revive Your Roof with a Roof light

Rooftop uplifting:

To make your rooftop uplifting, you want to accept a better approach for thinking and permit your rooftop to be something beyond the part of your property’s primary trustworthiness. By introducing a roof light, you will revive your home with a smooth current plan that permits you to appreciate better ventilation and more normal light to emanate all through, yet which style is best for you?

To help, why not reach out to one of our sunshine specialists who are close by to help whenever.

Porch House Roof Design:

On the off chance that you are searching for a method for consolidating present-day material into your porch, this house rooftop style can be an ideal decision. The small chunks of wood on the rooftop. However, make it look rich. Albeit these material kinds may not shield you from substantial downpours. The inflow of glorious light and outside air makes everything great.

House Style Roof Design:

This home rooftop configuration helps you remember a lovely house hanging out in the environmental factors of beautiful excellence. There are no upward sides to this rooftop, which ordinarily appear like a peak with a sensibly delicate slant. This bungalow-style rooftop where all sides slant down towards the dividers looks wonderful and fits in precisely like unique pieces.

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