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Allah’s expression is the Quran. Don’t we want to witness our children opening the Quran and reciting it without our prompting? Isn’t it satisfying to witness your small boy or girl thinking about the Quran and acting on it? Don’t you want them to be excited and enthusiastic about it?

It is a blessing for Muslim parents to witness their children enjoy the Quran. Their surroundings, as well as their parents, heavily influence children.

In this regard, the role of guardians is critical in assisting children in developing a deep and loving relationship with the Quran. Quran memorization online is the best way to memorize Quran online easily after a pandemic. Online learning is the best option.

How To Memorize Quran Easily?

Example of Surah al-Jumu’ah:

  1. Recite the first verse twenty times
  2. Recite the second verse twenty times
  3. Recite the third verse twenty times
  4. Recite the fourth verse twenty times
  5. Recite these (above) four from the beginning to the end to link them twenty times.
  6. Recite the fifth verse twenty times
  7. Recite the sixth verse twenty times
  8. Recite the seventh verse twenty times
  9. Recite the eighth verse twenty times
  10. Recite from the fifth verse to the eighth verse twenty times to consolidate between them
  11. Recite twenty times from the first verse to the eighth verse to perfect this page.

Continue in this manner for every page of the Quran. You will get better and better if you persist with it. As with anything, the more you give, the better it becomes.

The next point to remember is that you should not memorize more than a certain amount of information to avoid overworking yourself. You should not eat more than one-eighth of a chapter in a single sitting.


1st Question

It is mandatory to learn the holy Quran in its entirety once you begin Hifz, i.e., if someone quits learning after 10 paras because it becomes impossible to memorize more.


It is not obligatory. However, one should not let this tremendous blessing slide through their fingers and continue pursuing it with zeal, as this will result in blessings.

2nd Question

What is the punishment for someone who forgets a section of the memorized Quran?


Almighty Allah is the most knowledgeable about the afterlife’s retribution. One should beg for Allah’s forgiveness, but it is pure justice if one is punished according to their fault.

How To Combine memorization and revision?

Do not memorize the Qur’an without review; otherwise, if you memorize the Qur’an word by word Quran memorization until you finish it. And then try to recall what you have memorized. You will find that you have forgotten what you have memorized.

(By the time you stopped reading the first pages, you would have forgotten what you had learned.)

Combining memorization and revision is the correct approach. Divide the Qur’an into three divisions, one for every ten parts (juz). If you memorize one page each day, you should rewrite four pages per day until you have memorized ten juz.

Once you have memorized 10 juz, take a month off to revise, revising 8 pages every day.

After a month of revision, begin memorizing the remaining material, a page or two at a time, depending on your abilities, and revise 8 pages until you have memorized all 20 juz. Then, once you’ve memorized 20 juz, take a break from memorizing for two months to revise the 20 juz, studying 8 pages per day.

Then, after the two months of revision are up, begin memorizing, accomplishing 1 or 2 pages every day, according to your capacity, while revising 8 pages until you have memorized the entire Qur’an.

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When you have memorized the entire Qur’an, focus on the first 10 juz for a month, revising half a juz every day. Then you go to the second 10 juz for a month, reading 8 pages from the first 10 juz every half juz. Then you memorize the last 10 juz for a month, half a juz each day, and 8 pages from the first 10 juz and 8 pages from the second 10 juz.

Let your “Manzil” (division) of the Quran be that of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) till your death after a year of refining the revision of the Quran. The Quran is divided into seven sections, and you should read it once every 7 days.

Bottom Line:

In the above article, we have tried to tell you how to memorize the Quran. And what is the importance of the Quran? Also, is it compulsory to memorize the Quran?

Once you start this tremendous blessing, do not leave it for any purpose. Also, if you are interested in memorizing it by yourself, there are steps to memorize one surah. Go for it.

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