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Become a Successful Entrepreneur With Gojek Clone App

Gojek Clone App has understood the matrix of the multi-service on-demand business. That is why it realizes how crucial it is to provide live tracking details of the Service Provider to the Customers. It does so through in-app push notifications. Interactive graphical icons are used to communicate the real-time location status of the Service Provider.

This Powerful Gojek like App has become the epitome for quality multi-tasking with ease.

Senior Partner at a law firm in Massachusetts Daniel Kern hires a Real Estate Agent to buy a new house in Revere using this All-in-One-Services App. His Agent finds a perfect abode for a 45-year old bachelor that’s an 800 square feet unfurnished two-bedroom bungalow in 1st Avalon Street.

Daniel then hires an Interior Designer and a Carpenter using the same app to give this Bungalow a vintage look. While the carpenter is carving his marble-based study table, the Attorney then books an appointment with the Home Insurance Agent.

He then avails the Services of Home Painter Contractors and asks them to color the master bedroom pastel green. Daniel wants a light lavender shade for the rest of the house while experimenting with a softer fuchsia pink for the ceiling. Daniel is grateful for this multi-service on-demand app because it just made home buying and moving in a lot easier.

This app is an investment because you would be rolling in cash even when sleeping for 10-hours straight at night.

The App Owner earns through this app in the form of commissions he gets from the Service Providers. Entrepreneurs like you earn commission on every single order or service rendered through the app.

The commission is a certain percentage of the bill amount that the Service Provider has charged the customer with. The Service Provider pays this commission instead of the platform the App Owner had provided.

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The entrepreneur fixes the rate according to the market standards and charges accordingly. The Taxi Driver of a luxurious Audi A8 will pay only 8 percent commission to the App Owner.

In comparison, a Basic Chevrolet sedan, on the other hand, will attract 20 percent of commission charges. This app has already incorporated corona-safety guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Only two passengers can travel at a time.

The Taxi Drivers can no longer accommodate more than two passengers per ride for small hatchback cabs. It is a direct implementation of WHO’ corona-safety guidelines. This restriction has broken the transmission cycle of the Covid-19 virus.

The App Owner enjoys the sole authority to make this call! The entrepreneur had lowered the number of passengers allowed per ride to ensure social-distancing norms.

Taxi Drivers have to upload a selfie with the facemask on

The Taxi Driver cannot even start a ride before uploading a selfie with a facemask on. After uploading the photograph, the App Owner then verifies it and approves it. It is the most crucial feature offering safety and security to both the Riders and Drivers at the same time.

Wearing facemasks at all times and sanitizing your hands every day is the only protective shield you have got against the novel-coronavirus. World Health Organization had declared this predicament last year itself at the onset of this Covid-19 Pandemic.

Now, we have vaccines to support our immune system. Even then, WHO highly recommends continuous face-covering practice, especially while stepping out? Covid-19 is an air-borne disease and highly contagious.

No penalty charges on ride cancellations if Covid-19 norms are violated

Both the Riders and the Taxi Drivers can cancel the ride immediately if the other person is found not wearing a mask. In addition, if any other Safety-Checklist pointers are violated by any of the two, the ride gets canceled.

The rider has to agree to all the Safety-Checklist tips before requesting a ride. These requests include compulsorily wearing a mask during the ride, sanitizing your hands regularly, and not paying in cash.


Gojek Clone App had introduced corona-specific safety features this year to help gain the customers’ lost trust back. The government-imposed lockdowns had forced everyone inside their homes. They were in a constant state of fear and anxiety. They were apprehensive about even stepping out because of the fear that they might contract this virus.

However, when they show how rigorously safety measures follow and how often machines, equipment, and cabs sanitize, the customers gradually trust Apps like Gojek. Moreover, it is because of such a customer-centric approach that this app is so successful.

Gojek Clone App Has a straightforward, simple, easy-to-use design with primary navigation that makes it simple for your user to put in a request. A ready-made application solution makes it simple for startups and business people to launch their on-demand multi-service businesses in just five days.

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