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When you’re writing a blog post or website article, one of the first things you need to do is choose your keywords. Keyword research can be tedious if you don’t know how to use a reliable keyword tool. Search, and Social Media Optimization (SMO) is the practice of optimizing search engine rankings and social media engagement to increase visibility, reach and increase traffic.

Also, You can hire one of the best digital marketing technology companies in Delhi to get well-researched keywords for your business. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best free keyword research tools out there. And give some tips on how to get started!

What Are Keyword Research Tools?

One of the fundamental pieces of SEO is doing keyword research. The keyword research process involves finding keywords to target to drive traffic and ultimately increase conversions.

Keyword Research Tools offer a variety of tools and support for several platforms, including Google Adwords, Microsoft Bing, Amazon Keyword Tool, and many others.

We have used a couple of SEO software programs and found that Keyword Researcher Pro and SEMrush provided the best results. It includes website data, organic traffic data, paid search, display advertising data, and more.

Tools For Free Keyword Research

Keyword research is the foundation of any successful online marketing campaign. You can get a clear picture of how popular your content or business is by doing keyword research. Here are the top tools for free keyword research that gives you a broad overview of all keywords related to your primary keyword.

1. Google Keyword Planner:

This tool is a free keyword research tool created by Google. It takes your main keyword and gives you a long list of related words or phrases. You can then evaluate the competitiveness of those keywords and choose the best options. You can check the competition for every keyword according to your targeted location. If you are new to keyword research, find an SEO company in Delhi to gain better results.

2. Google Trends:

This tool gives you a snapshot of how many searches a keyword receives over time. It will tell you the days and times when people search for your primary keyword. You can use this information to determine which days and times to run ads. It is the best way to determine when people are most likely to be searching for your primary keyword. Therefore, You can run ads on those days and times to increase your visibility.

3. Ubersuggest:

This tool will tell you all of the words and phrases that have a high chance of being your competitor’s. It will also show you other people’s ads if they are running them. Hence, this is the best way to determine when people are most likely to be searching for your primary keyword.

4. Keyword Surfer:

This tool will show you the history of search terms and their trends. It is a great way to determine which words and phrases your competitors use to find your site.

5. Buzzsumo:

It is a helpful tool that shows you the most shared content on your competitor’s sites or blog posts. You can use it to see how often your competitors use your keywords and phrases in the social media places where people share inspirations and ideas. Also, this will show you if your competitors are doing it right or not.

6. Semrush:

It is a valuable tool that helps you identify the potential customer groups for your business. This tool will help you find out who your competitors are targeting in your industry and which products they are targeting at the right time. This tool will help you to identify your most common competitors, which ones can be more of a threat to your business, and which ones are potential customers you can target.

7. Moz:

People are typing into search engines for any marketers or business owners who have a web presence to consider the types of keywords. This tool is a great tool to use to see what’s trending and be aware of the gaps in your marketing strategy.

These are useful tools that help you identify the potential customer groups for your business. So, this will help you find out who your competitors are targeting in your industry. Also, which of their products they are targeting.

Why Use Keyword Research Tools?

The top free keyword tools are Google Keyword Planner, SEOmoz, SEMrush, SpyFu. These tools will help you find keywords with a high volume of searches and are still ranking for competitive terms. They’ll also give you the best keywords to target your blog posts.” Use the power of software to create better keyword search results associated with content that is more relevant to your website’s overall pages.

Therefore, in Search engine marketing, we are constantly using keywords as part of our content marketing strategy. We are always on the hunt for new tools that can help us better understand keyword trends and discover what people are searching for. So, using keyword research tools is a great help to write better content for SEO, social media, email marketing, and more.


Keyword research is an activity that only the SEO pros should not entertain. Thus, any marketer needs to understand the importance of keywords to gain a competitive edge. Many of the keyword tools presented are the best free options available online.

Finally, This is another excellent SEO tool that we like because it allows you to scan up and down through the search results and see all competitor keywords. Consult any website designing company in Delhi to find the best keyword tools. In the comment section, please let us know which tool is your favorite to find the best keywords for your business.

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