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Even you might be aware of the phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” But that is easier said than done because apparently, we end up doing so. It is believed that the cover design is one of the most important aspects of a book. So, it is expected to be up to the mark. And especially when it is your photo book whose cover has to be designed, it is indeed of great responsibility.

In recent times, book covers have attained popularity. And everyone wishes to own one. Let us figure out what exactly the book cover is and why everyone is going gaga over it.

What is a Book Cover?

The book cover is understood as any protected covering utilized to keep the pages of the book intact. In addition to this, usually, the book cover consists of the author’s name, the title of the book. And some graphics for a better understanding of the book.

Relevance of Book Cover

Book covers are not just beautiful. They also serve the purpose of communicating with the reader or viewer. Usually, the book cover helps to narrate a tale peppered with a theme. And a personalized photo book is absolutely appropriate for it. For example, if you wish to narrate your love story, a book cover with your couple picture and a love quote will surely serve the purpose.

Essential Pointers While Dealing with Book Cover

  • Seek Ideas and Inspiration for your Cover

It is your photo print, and be creative to beautify it. And everything around us inspires us, be it your kid playing in the playground or the old grandma sewing the sweater, our environment indeed serves as a great inspiration for us.

However, do not forget that the book cover is the initial medium of communication between the book and the people who would be glancing at it. To build an interesting cover, you ought to know what visuals your target audience would appreciate. However, you can take inspiration from famous books. Conduct extensive research in your niche or genre to get the best design for yourself.

  • Be Unconventional

As it is your book, be as unconventional as you want. Let your creativity flow in your mind and develop all the unusual yet creative ideas. Please do not limit yourself to conventional rules, as they might take away the opportunity to flaunt your creativity.

  • Contact a reliable cover designer

It is easier to reach out to a cover designer who can beautify your personalized photo book in this digitalized world. Great reliable companies offer the best photo book printing. You can get in touch with them to ease your task. No matter which covers designer you look for. Be careful with certain areas.

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First, your portfolio. Make sure that their portfolio appeals to you. After all, a portfolio is the representation of all the work they have done, and if it does not appeal to you, then there is no point in collaborating with them. In addition to this, see that they have relevant experience.

Month Cover Book Ideas

  • Opt for the Collage

At times, one image is just not enough. So, in such a scenario, the need for having a collage is realized. You can include pictures of your best spent moments, like while your offspring is playing his favorite game or you are celebrating your first wedding anniversary or the special day when your beloved accepted your proposal. All this will be accumulated together to be combined in a collage.

  • It does not have to be prim and proper.

Gone are the days when your cover book has to be picture-perfectly good. The latest trend in cover design enables the cover to seem messy, and it does not have to be prim and proper. You do not have to make it prim and proper, as it is your personalized photo book. At times, the messed-up photo book looks pretty and glamorous.

  • Hand-Drawn Book Covers

The hand-drawn book covers take the heart away. They are so special because they are filled with emotions. These hand-drawn book covers not only look beautiful but also are directly associated with your lovely memories and emotions. And imagine the amount of happiness it will bring to the lives of your loved ones. After all, the handmade stuff is anyway too special.

  • Funky Typographics

Who does not like the pretty typography? The cute and funky typography used on the book cover will surely induce life to your book. Try using funky typography and make a statement.

  • Make it Bold and Better.

Having bold prints on your book cover will surely make it stand out from the boring and monotonous book covers. Let your book cover be bold and bigger to make it appear beautiful.

  • Create Visual Magic

How about creating visual magic with the help of a series of illustrations. They not only give a synchronized look to your book cover but also make it appear appealing. For this, you can dig into your favorite bunch of pictures and use the best ones.

  • Romantic Book Cover

It is indeed an excellent idea to show your partner how much they mean to you. And what is better than showcasing it on the book cover? Make it contemporary and elegant, and choose your best picture with your beloved and make sure you both are posing romantically. And glancing at it will surely make you go awed.

  • Play With the Contrasts

It is not always necessary to go by the same colors. You can add contrasting colors to add a bit of fun element to your book. For instance, if your book has black color, you can add golden text to make it seem appealing.


Now it is your turn! Create your custom photo book printing and cover design to make your book stand out. Be it your written book or the photo book. The personalized touch will surely make it mesmerizing. And to ease your task, you can get in touch with a reliable company that offers the best photo book services and print your special moments to induce life in them.

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