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Hotmail is a free client email service of Microsoft. So, many users use the Hotmail email service. In this digital world, our data is not safe in the internet’s world. Because Hotmail applications are several times hacked, if users don’t have backup Hotmail messages, you can lose your data forever.

Anyone misused your data and email account. If you backup your data on a local pc, the data loss changes will be significantly less.

So, in this blog, I am describing how to backup Hotmail messages? I will solve the multiple queries, and I will provide the manual and expertly recommended methods. I will solve these queries so you can continue to read this post:

  • How to backup Hotmail email with attachments?
  • Can I backup Hotmail contacts?
  • How to backup Hotmail inbox?

User Query

“I have been using the Hotmail email service for the last 15 years. A month ago, my account was hacked. Luckily my account was recovered with the help of the Hotmail application support team. But some emails were lost.

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I don’t want to take any chances at any cost this time. This time, I will take back up my data in advance. For this, I need reliable software that can backup Hotmail emails. Can anyone suggest reliable software to back up my Hotmail data?”

Why Hotmail Emails Backup Crucial?

  1. Accidentally deleted Hotmail emails data cannot be recovered if you don’t back up your email messages.
  2. Hotmail is an outdated email service, so you can replace it with other email services without losing old data using backup software.
  3. If you have downloaded emails in Adobe PDF format, you can anytime print your emails.

These are the most crucial reasons that are why the Hotmail emails backup is important for users. So, in this blog, we are talking about how to backup Hotmail messages in multiple formats. If you do not know how to backup Hotmail emails, then this blog is for you. After reading these reasons, you must have understood how important Hotmail email backup is.

How to Backup Hotmail Messages in Multiple Formats?

These are two critical primary methods. Users can choose any technique, but I recommended an automated and trusted way, but you can choose according to your mind:

  1. Free manual method
  2. Automated professional method

How to Backup Hotmail Messages in Manual Method?

  1. Login in account

hotmail login

2. Hit the settings icon and choose view all outlook settings

Hotmail Setting Button

3. After that, click the General tab and choose the privacy and data

privacy data

4. Hit the export mailbox option

Export Mailbox

5. Eventually, the backup process will be started. It will take a minimum of four days

Backup Process

6. After completing the process, you will receive the backup data download link from Microsoft

Backup Data Download

Click the download link. It is the manual method of how to backup Hotmail messages in local storage.

Limitation of Free Solution

These are the above method limitation of technical users. Here, I am mention below:

  1. Time-consuming process.
  2. Data security is not available.
  3. No email attributes selection.
  4. No date range filter is available.
  5. It cannot save in multiple formats.
  6. The backup data download link will be received or not.

Automated Method of Hotmail Backup to PC

Check out RecoveryTools Hotmail Backup Wizard software. Professional experts design this tool for all mindsets of people.

This software is easy to use to export Hotmail emails to PC in a few clicks. You can check the steps to an automated solution; I am mention below:

Steps to How to Backup Hotmail Messages

  1. You need to download the Hotmail backup wizard, so that click on the download button
  2. Enter the Hotmail emails address and password and click on the login button

email address and password

3. Choose your Hotmail emails folder shown on the left side

Hotmail emails folder

4. Choose the saving file format that is also PST, EML, PDF, etc.

Saving File Format

5. Select the destination path according to your choice

Destination Path

6. Eventually, hit the backup button and start the backup automatically.

Backup Button

Why User Choose Professional Solution?

  • The software of Hotmail backup emails has easy to understand and simple to use. Even non-technical users can use this software easily.
  • Hotmail backup wizard is advanced and uses the software. Also, the utility is efficient in creating a backup in MBOX file, PST file, PST file, emails, contacts, tasks, in multiple emails service and doc file formats.
  • Also, the software provides an accurate and safest backup without any loss of data and any attachments.
  • This software is a capable backup of emails in bulk in just a few seconds.
  • The Hotmail email backup tool is well-suited with all windows versions.

Author Suggestion

In this blog, I have given a manual and automated solution for how to backup Hotmail messages. You can choose any solution, but my suggestion is the automated best way to backup Hotmail emails in bulk. Also, the Hotmail backup tool has many features that make the process will be simple and easy. You can also backup it on an external hard drive.

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