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9 Great Ideas To Remodel Your Bathroom And Give It A Modern Look

A bathroom, if designed and kept well, can have a huge impact on the interior design of your home. The presentable view, clean floors, and fixtures, fruity-fresh odor altogether play an important role in making bathrooms feel like heaven.

It certainly has an immense effect on the overall look of your home, which is why most people look for new ideas now and then to enhance its look.

So, if you desire to give a new look to your bathroom, for it has either degraded with its tiles gotten dirty and fixtures not working well, or you have saved enough to invest in a new bathroom because you are bored of the way it looks, then give a quick call to a bathroom remodeling service provider.

Before you hire a professional, clear your mind about what look and color you desire. We have a bunch of ideas to help you in your decision-making.

Bathroom Tiles:

There are plenty of designs and colors of tiles in the market. Choose the ones that will give an instant lift to your mood. For instance, lighter and brighter colors are soothing to the mind. Whereas, deeper tones do not get dirty easily. Each has its pros and cons.

Most interior designers recommend a contrast of light and dark-colored tiles to avail benefits from both and mitigate their disadvantages.

For example, if walls are dark in color, then light-colored tiles will be used for flooring and vice versa. Alternatively, bathroom remodeling companies might also prefer a combined use of both colors to add extra beauty.

Furthermore, take necessary precautions and make sure to make use of textured tiles for the flooring to prevent any potential slipping.

Window: The amount of beautiful natural sunlight adds to any room is undeniable. Moreover, utilizing natural light during the daytime will help in cutting down your expenses on electricity bills. Those shiny rays striking your tiles can make them look their best.

Moreover, a window opening serves as natural ventilation that keeps your bathroom dry and prevents any potential fungal growth.

Ventilation or Exhaust Fan:

Installation of a proper system of ventilation has to be one of the prime priorities while bathroom remodeling. Besides the window, a properly installed exhaust fan will let fresh air inside and remove foul-smelling air out. Ventilation also prevents mold growth.

Install Smaller Tubs:

Modern bathroom remodeling is about using as sleek and space-saving fixtures as possible. Smaller tubs are not only trendy but will also help in saving space for some other bathroom stuff and will save water wastage.

Install Switchboards Near Your Mirror:

Having easy access to the electrical switchboard is very important whilst getting ready. You want your electrical appliances, like an ironing rod, to be easily plugged into a switchboard installed near your mirror on a counter. So, before starting bathroom remodeling ask the contractor to take care of this.

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Tankless toilet:

Toilets with hidden tanks are not only chic looking and trendy, but also apt for small spaced bathrooms. These are major space-saving fixtures, as their tanks are installed within the walls.


If you are considering bathroom remodeling, then installing cabinets and counters should be on your priority list. These provide an extra space to store your items required for bathroom cleaning or your hygiene.

Shower Enclosures:

There are plenty of designs for your shower enclosure with a wide range of glass from clear to frosty, or colored. Choose the one that complements your bathroom’s theme. You might opt for a spacious one if you have enough space in your bathroom, so you do not bump your limbs or head onto the glass or the wall.

9 Counters:

Choose the material for your countertops wisely and the color should be in contrast with your tiles.

  • Natural stones and marble have been crowd favorites.
  • Tiles have grooves so their cleaning requires a lot of time and effort.
  • New in trend, the epoxy countertops add extra spice to the chic look. They are pressure-resistant and can last up to a decade or more.
  • Quartz countertops are another cool addition to the myriad countertop materials. These are durable, come with a variety of designs, and are easy to clean.
  • Some people might also give a natural touch to their bathrooms and install wooden countertops when bathroom remodeling. Wood can be difficult to look after, but the beauty it adds is worth a shot.
  • If you want your remodeling to be budget-friendly, then you have the option of laminate countertops. These come in a variety of designs and colors but are less durable as compared to other materials.

Investing in bathrooms can make a huge impact on your property’s value. The more you invest in the expensive materials and incorporate the latest ideas, the more will be your house’s demands in the market.

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