Cross channel marketing is the strategy businesses use to connect with their customers through various communication channels such as SMS, mobile apps, social media, email, and more. In today’s age, nearly all organizations and digital marketing service providers know the importance of the strategy for targeting. Also, more than half of the businesses that use the technique always (or almost always) achieve their financial targets.

An efficient cross channel marketing campaign will immensely help your business to generate fresh leads and create brand awareness. It is one of the most effective ways of using a multi-pronged approach to reach more customers and encourage them to do business with you. Here are some of the benefits of using multiple channels of marketing.

Benefits of using cross channel marketing strategies

Cross channel marketing tactics have many benefits. Here are 7 of them:

  1. Reach your target customers using their preferred channels

Nowadays, average customers use many channels to look for information and purchase products and services. The key to reaching them is knowing what channels they are likely to use and communicating with them. By selecting cross channel marketing, you will reach your target customers via their preferred channels.

  1. Enhance customer engagement

Cross channel marketing enhances customers’ shopping experience through personalization. That’s the reason 72 percent of customers prefer connecting with businesses using multichannel marketing. By using multiple channels, you can enhance customer engagement.

  1. Gain a competitive edge

Though many businesses know about cross channel marketing, only some use it to connect with their customers. Also, companies that use multiple channels for their marketing strategy stay ahead of the competition and outperform their competitors.

  1. Higher ROI

Businesses that use mobile, social media, video, and display marketing achieve up to a 500 percent increase in their return on advertising investment. Also, targeting customers in the right places increase customer conversion and lowers customer acquisition costs.

  1. Create a robust brand image

Cross channel marketing enables you to create a strong brand image and drive customer loyalty. Also, the brands that maintain a consistent look yet communicate their message using multiple touchpoints have better relationships with their customers.

  1. Optimize the customer journey

Cross channel marketing strategies can enhance marketing budget efficiencies by 15 to 20 percent. Also, they achieve this by integrating effective techniques with influence and customer actions.

  1. Provide the audience with the most relevant content

Using cross channel marketing campaigns enables businesses to provide their target audience with the most relevant content. As the users use specific channels to browse the internet and seek information, they come across communication that is designed for them.

7 Strategies to create an effective cross channel marketing campaign

Here are 7 strategies that can help you create effective cross channel marketing campaigns:

  1. Create a customer persona

Before creating a marketing strategy for customers, visualize what your average customer looks like. Understand their needs, tastes, preferences, and other factors.

Also, ask questions like:

  • What channels do they use for communication?
  • What devices do they prefer for browsing and shopping?
  • Also, what terms do they search for?
  • Do they prefer online shopping or buying from brick-and-mortar stores?
  • After answering all these questions, you can create their persona. The key is to conduct thorough research and collect key information about the target customers.
  1. Map your customers’ journey and create a content strategy

After creating customers’ persona, map their journey across all the channels to see all the touchpoints. Visualize customers’ interactions at each point and create a content strategy as per various stages of interactions. Also, create content for different objectives:

  • To create awareness.
  • Also, to help them make decisions.
  • To build an emotional connection with your brand.
  • You can take the help of a professional digital marketing company that can help you create a robust content strategy.
  1. Find the right channel mix.

As per data, 72 percent of customers would connect with businesses that use multichannel marketing. But at the same time, brands must ensure that they use the right channels to spend their time and money optimally. To select the right channel mix, find out the channels your prospective customers spend most of their time on.

If you are a B2B company, LinkedIn and other professional channels will suit your communication. Also, if you are a B2C firm, platforms such as Facebook or Pinterest may be good for you.

  1. Use channels that complement each other

Be extremely particular while choosing the right channel for cross channel marketing. Also, integrate all channels that the audience uses to communicate with your business.

Some channels that complement one another include:

  • Physical store and mobile app
  • Email and website URLs
  • TV and mobile
  • TV and radio
  • Personal computer and mobile
  • Computer and TV
  1. Integrate the insights from marketing campaigns

Conducting marketing campaigns is important. But analyzing their findings and using them in cross channel marketing can entirely transform marketing strategy. Also, integrate the insights from the campaigns into a marketing strategy to provide an extraordinary customer experience.

Here are some questions that can help you in this step:

  • Are you targeting the right customer on every channel?
  • Is your mail campaign better than your social media campaign?
  • Is the message consistent across different channels?
  • Does your mail strategy support your social media strategy?
  1. Determine your data and integrate it into a common platform

Determine what data is crucial for your communication channels. It is highly critical to analyze the data and sort it out. Also, put all the important data in a customer data platform. It can include the information of customers’ online activities, emails and messages sent to them, conversations of the customer support team, and more.

Also, a professional digital marketing company can help you determine your data and integrate it into a common platform.

  1. Use an integrated marketing measurement approach.

An integrated marketing measurement approach gives a detailed view of each campaign and channel. How they impact one another and how they drive conversions. After considering all the factors, businesses can understand the impact of every campaign.

It will give a more correct picture of each marketing campaign and how they work with each other. Also, it will enable businesses to make the optimal use of their resources and minimize waste in marketing.

In conclusion:

A cross channel marketing strategy is one of the most practical digital marketing tactics. Almost all people in the world use multiple channels to find information and connect with one another. Also, it makes perfect sense for businesses and marketers to leverage more than one channel to reach out to their target customers.


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