Even though you spend a lot of time in your home office, it is probably not high up on your list of areas of your home that you need to update or refresh. If you work from home, giving yourself a change of scenery can be a good thing, and staring at the same four walls all day, every day, can get boring. Here are some ways that you can refresh your home office using stone veneer.

Why Stone Veneer?

With faux stone or brick, you can add some timeless features to your home office, and you can make the entire thing a DIY project; whether you want your office to feel like a rustic space or give it a chic or industrial look, depending on your own tastes and design aesthetic.

You would be surprised how well stone veneer can incorporate into your existing home office design. The best part is that installing faux stone or brick can be done as a DIY project, and most projects can be completed in just a single weekend.

Cover All Walls in Stone Veneer

If you want to add something a little different to your office walls than just paint or wallpaper, you can redo the entire room’s walls in stone veneer, giving your office a completely new look. Depending on the size of the room, you may be able to complete the entire project in a single weekend.

There are more options for stone veneer than you may think, so you can find something that goes well with your personal tastes and any furniture or decor you have in your home office.

Create an Accent Wall in Your Home Office

While refreshing the look of your home office usually starts with the walls, instead of painting every wall, you can create a single accent wall out of stone veneer instead. What wall is suitable for an accent wall?

The two best choices are the wall that your desk — and you — face, or if you have a lot of video calls, the wall behind your seat when those are active. You can also choose a wall opposite the main focal point in your home office, which would likely be the wall behind your desk. This is to help you balance out the room’s space a little more.

Stone Veneer Home Office Wainscoting

Adding wainscoting to your home office is a bit more complex than just installing a stone veneer accent wall. Wainscoting is lining the bottom half of a wall in something different than the top half, giving the wall more depth and texture than it would have on its own. This requires more work than covering the entire wall in faux stone, but it can be just as beautiful.

Other Ideas for Refreshing Your Home Office

In addition to using stone veneer to refresh your home office, there are many other things you can do that will update your office. Here are a few other things you can try.

Add a Splash of Green

Having some plants or fake plants in your office can give it a splash of color and beauty. If you have a houseplant that has air purifying qualities, which many do, you might be able to breathe a little easier while working. They are also great to set up behind where you have video calls, using them in your background for a splash of natural beauty.

Organize Your Files

Having a messy office that is overflowing with paperwork is not going to let you find your happy place in your home office. Invest in a new filing system that can keep your desk clean and clear. It is amazing the feeling you get when you sit down at your desk and do not have paperwork everywhere. That alone can refresh the entire feel of your home office.

You do not just have to buy a file cabinet or get some shelves or cubbies to store your files. You can combine beauty and functionality by getting vintage trunks, boxes, and luggage to keep all of your files in, so you will have something fun and pretty to look at that you can get into whenever you need to get your files out.

These can also be used as surfaces for plants and photos or art when they are closed. Of course, if you go this route, make sure that the files you will need the most often are the easiest to access.

Brighten Up the Room with a Throw Rug

If your office needs a little splash of color, a fun way to give it that is by getting a cheerful little throw rug. Choose one that will make you happy when you look at it because if it does not make you smile, it does not need to be in your home office.

If you have an office that does not have much color to it because it is too distracting, then adding that little splash of color with your area rug can help give you an occasional break from staring at white walls.

Paint Your Desk

Are you tired of your desk? Instead of buying a new one, try repainting your existing one. Have fun with it, and use it to bring some color into your office. If you have to spend hours sitting there working, you may as well enjoy the surface you are sitting at.

Add New Artwork

Art can make your home office feel more inspiring and give you more space to showcase some of your favorite pieces. Gallery walls do not need to be reserved for hallways and the living room.

So, you can easily turn a wall in your home office into a gallery wall you will love to look at. Plus, it can show off some of your personality if it is used as your background when you are in a video call.


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